A trusted partner that understands your Client Representative Services and Consultancy needs

Atlas’ Management & QC team specialises in the provision of offshore consultants to oversee client operations on global oil & gas, subsea telecom and renewables industries.

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Project Management

Project preparation and management is fundamental to the success of survey operations. Atlas Professionals consultants have fulfilled clients' needs on numerous projects worldwide, providing expertise and knowledge either on site or for client organisations. 

Our consultants have expertise in health and safety, project planning and survey design and can advise clients on the tendering and bid evaluation of survey contractors as well as reviewing or conducting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) or desk studies.

Field Supervision

To ensure that operations are carried out safely and effectively, it is essential to have independent supervision in the field. Our consultants act as the eyes and ears of the client whilst ensuring that the survey is conducted to the highest levels of quality and safety. 

The role of Atlas Professionals consultants is not only to ensure quality and contract management but also to mentor and advise in order to achieve the best results from the survey contractors.

Access to a global pool of specialists

Atlas Professionals specialises in Offshore Management and Quality Control providing consultants to major Energy, Exploration and Production companies to oversee, QC and report on operations such as:

  • Deep Seismic (2D, 3D, 4D, OBC, OBN)
  • Environmental (MMO, MMSO, PAM)
  • Geophysical and Hydrographic Surveys
  • Site Surveys and Route Surveys
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Subsea Construction & Installations (Platforms, Pipe lay, Cable lay, Aslaid)
  • Subsea Positioning (LBL & Metrology)
  • Rig Moves (Jack-up and Semi-sub)
  • Inspection and Maintenance (ROV, OOS, Trenching, Rock Placement)

We understand your consultancy needs

We are skilled at matching the right consultants to our clients’ needs; we understand the operational aspects of the business thanks to our long track record, and we have top-level staff with first-hand offshore experience.


Challenging Geology on the "FAB" link project

Aidan Flint has gained a broad industry experience working in a variety of geotechnical survey applications including infrastructure, oil & gas, wind farm and marine construction projects. Whether it be individual wind turbine foundations or large scale submarine cable burial assessments, Aidan still finds new challenges with every offshore project. “The "FAB" link projects was an interesting project. I was offshore for three months as a client rep and oversaw the entire geotechnical survey during which we investigated approx. 170 linear km of shallow geology."

Combining her two passions

Being a Client Representative allows Véronique Bienvenu to combine her two passions - a love for everything technical, and also the relationships with people. She says that she tries to explain to the crew that she is there as an observer, not a judge or policewoman. "I am checking to see if things are done safely and to the correct standard." However, she adds that she teases the team sometimes. "I tell them even when I sleep I know what's happening. They can't hide anything! But most of them know me well now and we have a great relationship." Read more...

Every job is different

"In the offshore survey industry every job is different and unpredictability is the only predictable factor. It is a rarity when everything goes off the same as last time", says Dom King, Survey Client Rep. "One of the things that I also like about this job and this industry is the variety: the vessels, crews, clients, projects, locations, roles and challenges are always changing. You simply never know exactly what to expect when you next leave your front door. What motivates me is the knowledge that I have an important role to play in the efficient running of a project for a client".

Looking for Client Representative & Consultancy services?

Contact our office in Bristol for more information about the services we provide in the survey, construction, marine, diving and seismic industries:

Frankie Hilson

Team Leader - Management & QC
+44 117 929 5250

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Personnel Coordinator
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